And… We’re off!!!

Schedules etc. have been updated here, however I will mostly be communicating by nightly emails, particularly if we are in a PIVOT situation.

This group of students is phenomenal – and so very patient as we continue to work towards getting everyone connected in the classroom.  Please reach out to me by email for the most timely responses….



First day of remote learning down…? to go….

Wed. 3/18/20

Dear Families,

I was pleased overall with the first day of remote learning.  I heard from several of your children, asking great questions and diligently turning in work.

Please tell them to pace themselves.  I am not filling up every time slot yet – and they should only be doing the recommended amount.  They are welcome to go beyond in researching, doing a project or reading more online about any particular interest area and I would love to know if they are doing that.  They also need to find time to reach out socially to their friends, that is a huge change for them at this time.

I welcome you all to offer me critiques/ideas and general comments on the remote experience.  I am learning as much as we all are and any feedback you can give can only help me to improve.

Encourage our students to work on their typing and handwriting skills at this time, as well as appropriate ways to communicate on Google classroom.  I reminded them today that I am not a text buddy, and I see everything they put out there.

Finally, please ask your child to share their new writing assignment with you – it is about keeping a journal that will become a primary source – and you are invited to contribute…that should be done in the black/white notebook I sent home.

Enjoy your evening – and send them out to play!

Betsy Keegan

Remote Learning Available 6pm today through Google Classroom

Dear Families,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I am pleased to announce that remote learning for 4Keegan will be available starting at 6pm this evening.

It is my goal to have the next day’s assignments available by 6pm the night before to accommodate the many home lives that are being impacted by this unusual time.

Please note my sincere flexibility in regards to due dates, how work is submitted, and how much is completed in any ONE day.  I will give parents a heads up if nothing is being submitted and just to check in to see if there is anything I can do to help. I got to touch base with many of you when you came in to pick up materials – and hope you have everything you need.  I plan on working from the building initially, and we are open to have things picked up until Friday, so please come in if you need anything.

Please give me your honest feedback and suggestions as we navigate this together.  I am very open and learning new things moment to moment.  I also want to make your experience at home as easy as possible.

Here’s to the new adventure (and wash those hands!)

Mrs. Keegan

Mrs. Keegan is finally getting on – line!

Dear Parents and Students of 4K 2019-2020,

It appears it is time for me to have a true on-line presence, no excuses.  I look forward to your comments, questions and observations as I take on this endeavor.

I will be writing a post at the end of the day, letting you know of the goings on, what we are working on – and any other exciting updates there may be.


Betsy Keegan